Grab 5 FREE PSAs & 15 FREE CSAs!

Grab 5 FREE PSAs & 15 FREE CSAs!

SFI News

Due to SFI’s continued robust growth during the past few weeks, we’ve again got some extra unassignedCSAs currently looking for a co-sponsor.  AND, we’ve also invested in some special extra advertising that will be generating hundreds of fresh, newPSAs looking for a sponsor!

Here’s how YOU can grab 5 PSAs and 15 CSAs for yourself today:

Just place an order for this special 60 TCredits Pack anytime between now and the end of October.  It’s that simple:  Buy 60 TCredits for just $25.50 and we will throw in 5 free new PSAs and 15 free new CSAs.

TIP: This is a great opportunity to instantly advance to the rank of Bronze Team Leader!  With the 5 included PSAs, you’ll meet the PSA requirement.  And the purchase of the 60 TCredits pack comes with 700 VersaPoints, so you’ll need only to collect another 2300 VP (3000 VP total) by the end…

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