WOW! $19,917.72 per month! Unbelievable, but definitely possible.

Simple money making system that will make you POTENTIAL  $19,917.72 per month!

Follow this steps to do that :

1.Register here for free.

2.Read your email after registration, contact your upline, he/she will guide you step by step how to become TEAM LEADER.




The first choice is to build your SFI business by yourself. This means that you will need to study, learn and work by your own and you will be using your own SFI gateway link in finding your own PSA. You will be the one responsible for teaching them what to do and helping them find their own active PSA’s. I started in SFI alone and it requires a lot of determination and patience to do everything to build my SFI business. It took me almost one year before I see any result in what I am doing. For some SFI Affiliates, they quit the program before they see any result.

The second choice is to work with a Team. Having a Team to work with will greatly help you in building your SFI business faster. Learn the ins and outs of SFI then talk to five of your close associates and encourage them to work with you in simultaneously building a profitable business in SFI. They will be your 5 active PSA’s. Although we can have an unlimited number of PSA, just concentrate first on helping your 5 PSA find their own 5 active PSA’s. All your Team members should duplicate this and concentrate only having 5 PSA then help their PSA’s find their 5 active PSA. By doing this, your Team will have a very strong foundation and your success in SFI is inevitable. 5 active PSA’s is all you need to achieve the highest ranking in SFI which is the Diamond Team Leader.

I hope this will help you understand how SFI system works. AIM HIGH. DREAM BIG.



The easiest way to earn the 3000VP is to purchase a 125 TCredit pack which cost $36.25 and will give you 1500VP, 125 TCredits and 5   



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